Dismissal and the associated costs for a company

Mariscal Abogados, in collaboration with the German Chamber of Commerce for Spain, held a breakfast meeting on the 24 November 2016 on Dismissals and the associated costs for a company: types, forms, effects, costs and responsibility of the head office of the corporate group.

The conference, led by, the office’s expert lawyer in Labour Law, addressed the principal types of dismissals laid down in Spanish regulation individual dismissals for objective causes and disciplinary dismissals, the compensations and requirements in each case, the qualification that they can have appropriate, inappropriate or void, as well as the responsibility of the head office of the corporate group and the accreditations that the status as a corporate group grants for employment purposes.

Company representatives from different sectors attended the event and had the opportunity to raise their concerns during the round of questions held at the end of the talk, and their specific cases during the networking breakfast that was offered at the end.

With this talk, Mariscal Abogados wished to answer concerns arising from the various labour reforms in Spain during recent years and demystify the figure of the “unlawful dismissal” as the only available option for a company when it comes to dismissing a worker.