Under different debt collection acts, both creditor and debtor have explicitly defined rights. Although there are world-wide acknowledged regulations, these acts differ between countries. In Spain commercial debt solicitors can perform both out-of-court and judicial proceedings for business-to-business recoveries, corporate debts and commercial debt collections.

Report concerning prejudgement Seizure in Debt Collection procedures in Spain

This article shall give a very brief overview over different possibilities of enforcing legal demands in different kinds of legal procedure of debt collection. Ordinary civil proceeding In order to initiate a provisionally enforcement or afterwards a distraint several requirements have to be met: before commencing the procedure of provisionally enforcement the bearer of a […]

Changes to the small claims procedure in Spain

On the 4th of May 2010, the reform of the Procedural Law under Law 13/2009 actively came into being. While there are many new areas to be discussed under this law we wish first and foremost to address the issue of the proceso monitorio or small claims procedure. At the root of this reform one has […]