22 2023 Jurisdiction over agency contracts

International jurisdiction over agency contracts

The termination of the agency contract by the entrepreneur typically results in the agent’s entitlement to compensation, which, in the absence of an agreement, the agent will seek through legal proceedings. Drawing from our expertise as lawyers specializing in cases involving foreign companies, we present below the fundamental criteria for ascertaining whether this claim can be pursued before the Spanish courts.

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letter of intent

New Regulation for the recognition and enforcement of court orders

The new Regulation relating to the jurisdiction, recognition, and enforcement of judgements in civil and commercial matters is a step further in the process of European integration in the field of Judicial Administration, given that it simplifies and accelerates the enforcement of rulings issued in other European Union Member States.

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Nullity of the contract of purchase of Bankia shares

In 2011, the entity Bankia made a public offering of shares (IPO), where the detail brochure, the only informative channel for small investors, distorted the veracity of the entity’s accounts. Five years later, the Supreme Court ratified the nullity of the purchase of shares.

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