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Collective Labour Disputes in Spain

The collective dispute is a procedure invoked due to disagreements in labour matters in Spain. It involves a general interest claim made by a group of workers regarding the application and interpretation of a state regulation, collective agreement or a decision or practice adopted by a company.

Why are collective bargaining agreements crucial in Spain?

Collective bargaining agreements have a crucial impact on governing the relationship between companies and their employees. Therefore, companies operating in Spain must have a comprehensive understanding of the collective agreement applicable to their company and adhere to it, avoiding potential conflicts and ensuring compliance with labour obligations.

Illegal Transfer of Workers in Spain: Know the Risks?

The transfer of workers is prohibited in Spain; temporary employment agencies (TEAs or ETTs in Spain) are the only entities authorized to hire temporary staff and place them at the disposal of another company. Companies must comply with this regulation, as the legal and economic consequences of committing irregularities in this matter can be drastic.