Vilian Betsov, April — August 2015

Vilian Betsov | Mariscal & Abogados
Vilian Betsov

After I graduated from law school in February, I had the opportunity to do an internship abroad. I was an intern at Mariscal Abogados from April until August 2015. As a recent graduate, I needed to gain some practical experience, which is why I benefited tremendously from this internship.

Since the beginning, I have been given tasks of various natures and had to tackle different problems, some of which would seem rather impossible at first, but that would motivate me to dig deeper into case law and Spanish or international legislation to find a solution. Some tasks required teamwork, which helped a lot in building up team spirit, not only among us interns but also between us and the lawyers within the firm.

Everybody in the office is always willing to help should you need it and provide you with guidance or additional explanations until you have fully understood your task and feel ready for the next challenge. The days passed faster than I realized and it is only now, when I look back, that I see the long way I have come since my first day here.

What I liked about this internship was the possibility to improve my foreign language skills as I had to use both English and Spanish for my work daily. The international environment in the office is a real energizer.

During these past months, I learned the true meaning of responsibility, professionalism and work ethic – things they do not teach you in school. The lawyers rely and count on you and your work, so you try your best not to let them down and live up to their expectations; the confidence they bestow on you makes you feel like a real professional and not just a lawyer in the making.

Vilian Betsov
St. Kliment Ohridsky, Sofia, Bulgaria