Victoria Lewis, June – August 2016

Victoria Lewis | Mariscal & Abogados
Victoria Lewis

Having grown up in Madrid as a foreigner, I was curious to see the differences between the English and Spanish legal systems and experience an international work setting. Interning at Mariscal Abogados from June to August 2016 gave me this opportunity as I obtained an insight into the functioning of the Spanish legal system through researching relevant jurisprudence, translating legal articles, drafting my own articles on areas of interest and observing how the lawyers deal with foreign clients with interests in Spain. Furthermore, this experience has allowed me to develop my Spanish language skills in a business environment.

Mariscal Abogados is a small office allowing one to get to know the lawyers and work in different sectors. From my first day, I was given responsibility and had to take initiative when completing any task. The lawyers are all very friendly and approachable, eager to answer any queries that I had, providing an opportunity to learn about the law in sectors that I had not previously studied.

Overall, my time at the firm has been enriching, allowing me to develop my oral and written communication in both English and Spanish, teamwork skills, legal research and ability to adapt to unknown situations, whilst confirming my interest in pursuing an international legal career.

Victoria Lewis
Durham University, United Kingdom