The limitation period for actions to reclaim debts in Spain

After the reform of Law 1/2000, the first modification since its approval by the Spanish Civil Code reduces the limitation period of actions to reclaim debts in Spain from fifteen to five years.

The limitation period begins the moment the obligation is unfulfilled or, in the case where the obligation is continuing, each time the obligation is not fulfilled.

This reform affects all legal actions that may arise from debts, contractual liability, and the provision of services or business relations such as:

  • Obligations derived from a sales contract
  • Actions for breach of contract
  • Actions for the delivery of defective property

The new limitation period concerning actions to reclaim debts came into effect on 7 October 2015. The previous limitation period (15 years) applies to all legal actions brought before this date.

This reform will have consequences for both creditors and debtors and will affect numerous legal relations in Spain.

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