Special certificate to work with minors in Spain

Until now, working with minors required the accreditation of the absence of any criminal record. However, in Spain, from the 1 March 2016, it is mandatory that all workers within companies whose activity involves regular contact with minors have no criminal record of sexual offences.

Thus, teachers, professionals in paediatrics, catechists, caregivers and babysitters, children and youth free-time instructors, sports coaches and activity coordinators, NGO volunteers, infant development and even domestic workers are required to hold a criminal record certificate to practice their profession.

How to apply for the certificate

Companies can apply for the certificate on behalf of their employees with prior consent from the workers.

Workers can also apply electronically through the Ministry of Justice´s website, by mail or face-to-face in the government department records of the Ministry of Justice, in government delegations and sub-delegations or in the registry of any administrative body belonging to the General State Administration, the Autonomous Community Administration, or any local administration.

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