Spanish Companies increase their Purchases and Sales via Internet

According to the latest data from the National Statistical Institute (NSI), 98% of Spanish companies with 10 or more employees had an internet connection in January 2013. This means that the percentage of companies that have internet has increased by 8.9% since 2005. Among the companies that have internet, almost every one of them (98.5%) have broadband internet.

On the other hand, approximately 72% of the companies have a website. In companies of 250 or more employees, this percentage reaches 93.8%.

With the services offered online concerning the electronic commerce, 15.2% of the companies offer the possibility to order or book online and 9.1% offer online payment.

 Services offered by companies* with a website in 2013
Presentation of the company 93,6
Declaration of the privacy policy or certification related to website security 63,2
Access to product catalogs or price lists 56,4
Advertisements of job offers or ability to receive job applications online 21,9
Option for ordering or booking online 15,2
Option for payment online 9,1
Possibility for clients to personalise  or design products 6,8
*Companies offering a web service

Purchases and Sales via Internet

Twenty-two point six percent of companies with 10 or more employees made purchases through electronic commerce in 2012. Online purchases represent 20.3% of the total purchases, and this percentage has increased by 6.5 percentage points since 2008.

On the other hand, 14.4% of companies with 10 or more employees made sales through e-commerce in 2012. The electronic sales represent 14% of the total sales. This percentage has increased by 4.4 percentage points since 2008.

At any rate, companies do not only use new technologies for electronic commerce. Other uses are rapidly expanding including social networks (29.1%), Cloud-Computing solutions (19.8%), and the interaction with public administrations through Internet (90.1%).

Comparison with Europe

When comparing the statistical data of e-commerce at the European level, in 2012 13% of Spanish companies were selling online. This data is below the European Union average, which is 14%.

When comparing with data from 2011, the percentage of companies that sold via internet has increased by 18.6%. Besides this, the difference with the European Union average has declined by one percentage point compared to the previous year.

On the other hand, in Spain, the percentage representing the electronic commerce in the company’s turn over in 2012 reached 14%. This number is one percentage point below the European Union average.

Turnover for Electronic Commerce in 2012
Czech Republic 24
Luxembourg 23
Ireland 21
Sweden 20
Hungary 19
United Kingdom 19
Finland 18
Germany 17
Croatia 17
European Union (28) 15
Belgium 14
Spain 14
France 14
Estonia 13
Malta 13
The Netherlands 13
Austria 13
Slovenia 13
Lithuania 12
Portugal 12
Slovakia 12
Poland 10
Latvia 7
Italy 6
Cyprus 5
Romania 4
Bulgaria 3
Denmark :
Greece :
*Percentage of the total turnover of companies of 10 or more employees :
Data not availableSource: Eurostat


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