Sophia Furtado Koumis, February – June 2022

My four-month internship at Mariscal Abogados has been invaluable for my linguistic knowledge. I recommend this position to anyone looking to gain expertise in the Spanish legal system and expand their Spanish language skills. As a modern languages student, I entered this role with very little legal knowledge, but this was never a problem, and I was given guidance and feedback throughout the process.

During my internship, I carried out a wide range of tasks, from completing translations and making infographics to researching legal news and writing articles. The feedback I received for translations allowed me to continually improve and track my progress. In particular, I enjoyed collaborating with another intern to research and write a legal article for the firm’s website.

The firm has made the opportunity to work remotely very easy, and I don’t feel this has harmed my experience at all. I am thankful for the opportunity to have worked at Mariscal Abogados, and I am grateful for the friendly team I encountered here.

Sophia Furtado Koumis
University of Bristol