Sarah Rowlands, May – July 2014

Sarah Rowlands | Mariscal Abogados

I was an intern at Mariscal Abogados from May- July 2014. As a language student, I wanted to improve my language skills and also explore the possibility of studying law after my undergraduate degree. My internship helped me achieve both of these aims.

My colleagues at Mariscal Abogados made me feel extremely welcome from the beginning of my internship. The fact that all members of staff can speak numerous languages is not only impressive but also makes international interns feel at home and helps to create a supportive environment within the office.

The assignments I was given were varied, giving me a broad knowledge of different aspects of law and also equipping me with the skills to apply these laws to specific situations. I was given work to do independently which helped me to improve my confidence and made me use my initiative. However, I always knew that I could ask anyone in the office for help and they would be more than happy to lend a hand. I was also allowed to work with other interns as well as some of the lawyers in the firm. This gave me invaluable insight into the working lives of legal professionals and helped me decide to pursue a Graduate Diploma in Law after my graduation.

In my short time at Mariscal Abogados, I felt like I was a part of the team. I felt that my work was valued and I benefitted tremendously from the skills and experience of my colleagues. I am extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity and I look forward to starting my career in law soon.

Sarah Rowlands
University of Edinburgh, Scotland