Real estate law governs property transactions of immovable goods and rights that exist over them: sale of properties and real estate companies, leasing, etc. Construction law governs construction, regional planning and land use and it also governs the powers and obligations of land owners.

The Right Time to invest in the Real Estate in Spain

The Spanish real estate market has begun their 2016 recovery and growth perspectives, which are promising so far. E: The real estate market is making progress and it is the right time to buy property in Spain. Prices are low, perspectives are positive and the market is dynamic. It is a prime time for individuals outside of Spain to invest in properties. However, it is important to understand the buying process in Spain to avoid complications.

Five tips to purchase a real estate in Spain

The real estate sector in Spain is recovering, and looks promising. Nevertheless we must consider the risks and steps involved in purchasing real estate and understand how to conduct a safe transaction.

Real estate investment companies increase their profits

In 2015, large real estate investment firms tripled their profits compared to the former year. Their profitability through dividends and the recovery of the real estate sector in Spain predict new profits once again this year for these investment vehicles in real estate assets for rent.

Listing Obligations for Spanish REIT (SOCIMI)

The requirements for admission to trading and maintenance of a Spanish REIT (SOCIMI) in the MAB (Alternative Stock Exchange Market) establishes, amongst others, the obligation of a SOCIMI to sign a contract with a liquidity provider, in order to boost liquidity and reduce price variations not resulting from actual market trends.

Definition and Legal Requirements of a Spanish REIT (SOCIMI)

SOCIMIs (Sociedades Anónimas Cotizadas de Inversión Inmobiliaria) or REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) are public listed companies whose main activity is the investment in urban assets. The minimum share capital for a SOCIMI in Spain is 5 million euros.

Is investing in SOCIMIs (REIT) profitable?

SOCIMIs (Sociedades Anónimas Cotizadas de Inversión Inmobiliaria or Real Estate Investment Trust) are public limited companies whose main activity is the acquisition, promotion, and rehabilitation of real estate for lease. The evolution of this type of investment over the last year has become key in the real estate sector given its stable profitability and liquidity.

Modifications to the Urban Leasing Act in Spain (LAU)

Law 2/2015 replaces the method of updating the rent of urban leases in Spain, the IPC, with the Warranty Competitiveness Index (IGC). This modification has affected various articles of the Urban Leasing Act in Spain.

Real estate in Spain, an interesting investing prospect

Real estate is an interesting possibility to invest in Spain due to the drop on property prices; it is nevertheless advisable to consult a qualified legal adviser to guarantee your investment.

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Rent regulation in Spain: The New Competitiveness Warranty Index (IGC)

On 1 April 2015, new legislation came into force in Spain requiring landlords and tenants to write down revisions to the rent. If not specified otherwise, the new Competitiveness Warranty Index (IGC) will replace the current CPI index as the default revision.

The acquisition of property in Spain by non-resident foreigners

More and more non-resident foreign nationals, attracted by the good economic climate, decide to buy a property in Spain. The drop in real estate prices has increased the number of investors.