Olivia Griffiths, June – September 2023

Olivia Griffiths

This summer, I completed my 12-week internship at Mariscal Abogados. As a Modern Languages student, this experience has been immensely enriching for my linguistic skills and provided me with an excellent introduction to the workings of the Spanish legal system.

My internship involved various tasks, such as translating articles, designing infographics, creating promotional material, and keeping up with industry news. Having limited previous experience in this field was not a problem, as I constantly received helpful feedback on my work and support if I had any doubts. I particularly enjoyed the international aspect of Mariscal Abogados, as this internship helped me advance my Spanish language skills and also deepened my knowledge of French. I did my placement remotely, and Mariscal Abogados has developed a carefully considered and highly efficient remote internship scheme, in which I had regular communication, whether by email or video calls.

Many thanks to Mariscal Abogados for an invaluable experience, and a special thank you to Laura Bernat, who has been an incredible support throughout the summer. I would recommend this internship to any Spanish-speaking student seeking experience in this field.

Olivia Griffiths
University of Bristol