María M. Rodriguez, April – August 2014

Working with Mariscal Abogados gave me practical legal experience in a broad range of legal areas. From labour law to corporate law, each day was filled with different types of assignments. The fact that my work was not focused on any particular area of the law was extremely beneficial. It allowed me to get insight into different areas of the law and learn what interests me. After my internship, I had a better understanding of what type of law I would like to focus on.

The attorneys and professional staff at Mariscal are friendly and open to speaking to interns. Before each assignment, an attorney would give me information about what my assignment was for and provide resources that would make completing the assignments easier. Throughout the completion of each assignment, I always had the opportunity to discuss my concerns or questions that came to mind.

Of equal importance, working with Mariscal provided an opportunity to experience a particular legal environment. The firm is not large but has a notable presence in Spain and internationally. Clients range from individuals to large corporations. Additionally, because the firm has international clients, the firm itself is a mixing pot. In one office you may see an attorney reading cases in Spanish, in the next an intern writes an e-mail in German, and at the last a professional staff member is speaking in French.

Lastly, Mariscal Abogados offers a work environment that is hard to find. No matter what type of legal work you do, to be truly happy you need to be in a work environment that is supportive and fosters a familial. The members of the firm take the time to celebrate personal accomplishments and everyone tries to develop personal relationships with one another. These simple acts make it easier for you to look forward to entering the office each day.

María M. Rodriguez
University of Connecticut School of Law, U.S.A.