Liliya Dimitrova, March – May 2019

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Liliya Dimitrova

I spent three months at Mariscal Abogados as a follow-up on my semester abroad at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Coming here, my objective was to deepen my knowledge of Spanish and International Law and obtain a more practical view of the legal procedures in Spain. I chose Mariscal & Abogados based on the firm’s international background, the variety of its areas of practice and its acclaimed lawyers. Now, looking back to my experience at the firm, I can most certainly say that it not only lived up to my high expectations, but exceeded them.

During the past three months, I was able to work closely with many of the lawyers of the firm. I was given feedback on my work and I was required to always complete my tasks with understanding and diligence. This motivated me to put effort in all I did, work with curiosity and be eager to learn more and more. I had the opportunity to choose my working legal areas according to my individual preferences, so I was mostly busy doing research on cases of Intellectual Property, Labour Law and Commercial Law. I attended a conciliation meeting and took part in the procedure of opening an international company. Apart from that, I was assigned a number of administrative tasks. I also had to prepare many legal documents and translate them from Spanish to English and vice- versa, which helped me immensely to improve my linguistic abilities and expand my vocabulary in both languages.

In conclusion, I am more than happy to recommend Mariscal & Abogados to anyone who wants to obtain high-quality legal background, gain experience in an international firm, and last but not least, work alongside other interns in a positive and friendly environment.

Liliya Dimitrova
Universida de Sofía (Bulgaria)

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