Konsta Kauppi, June – July 2018

Konsta Kauppi | Mariscal & Abogados
Konsta Kauppi

As a legal trainee I had a great opportunity working at Mariscal Abogados during the summer 2018. Working in this internationally-focused law firm in Madrid was a rewarding experience and a worthwhile one for a fourth-year law student from Finland. It gave me a glimpse of a truly international working environment. Before coming to Madrid, I had done an Erasmus exchange in Seville which had improved my legal skills as well as my Spanish.

During my stay I had the chance to assist great lawyers and deal with all kinds of cases from Mariscal Abogados and apply specific rules of procedural and labour law. My duties consisted of legal research and translations, drafting legal documents and summaries and of course helping with other day-to-day errands, to mention a few. I mainly used Spanish and English to get along. Moreover, the other trainees and lawyers, besides being very talented and ambitious, were awesome and always willing to help if needed. The atmosphere at the office was free and easy.

Thanks to the fantastic crew of Mariscal Abogados, I really enjoyed my internship and learned a lot! I would recommend this opportunity to every law student who wants to gain valuable understanding and legal experience in an international law firm.

Konsta Kauppi
University of Helsinki