Justine Matthys, September – December 2015

Justine Matthys | Mariscal & Abogados
Justine Matthys

My time at Mariscal Abogados has unfortunately come to an end. I worked at this law firm from September until mid-December and I can honestly say it was a very enriching experience. During my three and a half months here I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge, specifically practical knowledge. While doing my Bachelor in Law at the University of Westminster, I learned a lot, but this internship has given me more of an understanding of how law firms work in practice.

The international side of the law firm is what made this experience even more captivating. The type of work ranged from writing articles for the website to doing legal research and translating legal documents from Spanish to English and vice versa. Not only was this internship beneficial to my legal knowledge but it also enhanced my language skills, specifically Spanish and French. This is because I had the opportunity to work with several languages every day.

Another thing that kept my attention throughout my time here was the fact that the firm does not focus on just one type of law. I worked on different things that were related to tax law, company law, international law, and so on. I enjoyed that I was able to experience different types of law, it ensured that the work remained fun, but still a challenge.

The atmosphere at the law firm was pleasant, the lawyers were always open to any questions and they were there to help. They did not hesitate to ask for help on any projects or cases they had, which is what made the internship that much more interesting.

Overall, my time at the law firm has indubitably increased my communication skills, my teamwork skills and my adaptability to unknown situations. This experience has, once again, confirmed that law is truly what I want my career to be.

Justine Matthys
University of Westminster, London