Jeroen Kaarsgaren, Frebruary – June 2014

After a full-time period of almost five- months, I finished my internship at Mariscal Abogados. I studied law in Amsterdam. In this period, I not only learned how to put theory into practice but also learned how to work in an international environment with people from different nationalities. The presence of other interns from around the world ensured that I had a great time at this office.

This was my first internship abroad and I do not regret Mariscal Abogados as my choice. When I first started here, my Spanish did not reach further than some basic words. However, the people were patient in speaking Spanish to me so I was able to expand my knowledge of the language.

The lawyers gave me freedom in my work as well as responsibility. However, when I had questions or needed some further information, I could always knock on someone’s door. I felt lucky that the subjects I worked on interested me.

When you do an internship as a student, it is important that you feel comfortable within the company. If you have difficulties with a task, you can not hesitate to ask for help. This is what I learned at Mariscal Abogados. I felt comfortable enough to ask questions when I did not understand a task and had confidence that I would be given proper guidance.

Jeroen Kaarsgaren
Hogeschool van Asterdam, Netherlands