Jade Edment, January – June 2016

Jade Edment | Mariscal & Abogados
Jade Edment

I was an intern at Mariscal Abogados from January to June 2016. I chose to intern at Mariscal Abogados as part of my Year Abroad from UCL where I currently study Spanish with Management. I ultimately wanted to further improve my language skills and also explore the possibility of studying law after my undergraduate degree. My internship at Mariscal Abogados allowed me to do this.

One of the main strengths of the firm is that it handles various fields of Law, from labor law to corporate law, and as an intern it is incredibly interesting to be exposed to such a wide variety within a short period of time. This ensured that the work I was assigned continuously changed and gave me an insight into different aspects of Spanish law within an international law firm. I had no legal experience prior to my internship at Mariscal Abogados, however, this did not hinder my experience as the lawyers at the firm were always on hand to offer advice when I needed and I was able to ask questions freely. I was exposed to high quality work from early on which allowed me to gain insight and understanding into the tasks of legal professionals.

I was amazed at the number of languages spoken by the lawyers and clients and by the international environment I was immersed in. I was able to improve my Spanish language skills throughout my time at the firm.

The experience was enriching and rewarding and I have learnt and grown immensely in my time at the firm.

Jade Edment
University College London