Isabella Suplicy, June – August 2020

Isabella Suplicy | Remote Legal Internship
Isabella Suplicy

As a Double Degree student studying Spanish law and European law, I knew I wanted my final year internship to incorporate the multinational aspect of my diploma. This is why I chose Mariscal & Abogados as the law firm in which to complete 3 months of a legal internship and the experience was more than satisfactory.

From the very first day, every person I interacted with in the firm was incredibly welcoming and helpful. The tasks assigned to me were diverse in nature and ranged from legal translations and making infographics to completing legal documents. This allowed for a range of personal and professional skills to be developed.

My personal experience working at Mariscal Abogados is different from others as all 3 months of the internship took place virtually due to COVID-19. Although this was inconvenient, it did not hinder the quality of my time there. The team was incredibly helpful and communicative throughout the whole process, which made it easy to create a dynamic work environment. I was impressed by the way the firm adapted to a virtual scenario quickly and seamlessly, to the point that I know my experience did not diminish in terms of quality because of the remote nature of the internship.

The activities also required knowledge of multiple languages. This helped me develop my legal Spanish, which I am sure will assist me in my final year in university. Besides Spanish, the firm also conducts activities in English, French and German, all of which help develop and practice a second or third language.

The whole experience has given me a deeper perspective into a multitude of legal areas, such as company law, property law and labour law. Not only this, but there is a special focus on current legal issues, which were especially relevant in the 3 months of my internship in relation to the legal impact of COVID-19.

I am very grateful to Mariscal Abogados for giving me the opportunity to carry out my internship in their firm and would like to thank the whole team for their welcoming spirit. The experience met and surpassed my expectations and I would recommend it to students looking for an international legal working environment!

Isabella Suplicy
University of Maastricht