Isabel Siebert Cáceres, July 2022

Isabel Siebert Cáceres | Mariscal & Abogados
Isabel Siebert Cáceres

The weeks working at Mariscal Abogados have truly been a valuable experience. It has allowed me to explore different areas, such as legal research, translating legal documents and articles, or meeting a group of welcoming and motivated lawyers. Despite being a language student at the university, I was very fortunate that the whole team gave me a great introduction to the various fields of law and trusted me with some of their tasks.

The unique feature about Mariscal Abogados stood out to me upon entry on the very first day: the use of Spanish, English, German and French is a given in the daily work here and, hence, it has not only allowed me to practice my speaking abilities, but I have also acquired a repertoire and understanding of legal language and terms in three different languages. Being able to gain an insight into the work process with international clients has kept the tasks diverse and educative. On top of that, the atmosphere at the firm has always been cheerful and comforting, despite being a professional environment.

I would like to thank the entire team at Mariscal Abogados for the amazing time here, especially Mariano Jiménez, Carlos Rivero, and Laura Bernat for tutoring me and keeping me busy. I recommend this internship to anyone looking for practical law experience whilst improving his/her language skills.

Isabel Siebert Cáceres
Oxford University