Growth of mediation in private law in Spain

The Decree clarifies the Law 15/2009, 22nd of July, on mediation in private law. The Act responds to the need to expand mediation by opening up the possibility, in private matters, of developing new ways to manage discrepancies in family and citizenship matters, improve relations of coexistence, and deal with conflicts outside of the judicial process. It also responds to the necessary updating of the rules governing mediation, taking into account the new legislation produced in recent years both domestically and in Europe.

Some Articles found in Law 15/2009 on mediation in private law contain specific regulatory developments. The final provision empowers the Government of Catalonia to display the rules on the organization, structure, operation, advertising, training of mediators, the tariff regime, and other relevant issues.

The Decree’s approved Regulations also establish and develop a procedure that applies to mandatory public mediation, which the Mediation Center of Private Law of Catalonia manages as a public service.

Furthermore, the Regulation controls other aspects necessary for the full realization of Law 15/2009 of the 22nd of July, such as partnerships between the Mediation Center of Private Law of Catalonia and professional bodies and associations accredited in the field of mediation. Moreover, the Regulation develops criteria for the specific training required for a mediator as well as the requirements for the composing and functioning of the Advisory Committee.

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