Flora Elise Hawthorn, March – May 2019

Flora Elise Hawthorn | Mariscal & Abogados
Flora Elise Hawthorn

Interning at Mariscal Abogados has allowed me to experience 10 weeks of valuable experience and to explore the possibility of pursuing a legal career by gaining some practical experience.

Whilst my degree in International relations and Spanish meant I had linguistic knowledge for the position, I was going into the firm with very little legal knowledge. However, this was not an issue as at any opportunity I liked, I could work in the legal area, developing my juridical knowledge, researching different legal systems, cases and even writing articles about specific legal areas. Of course this was alongside translating articles, agreements and contracts.

There are so many positive aspects about the firm including how friendly and approachable everybody is, which really flourishes in the offices international environment. This aspect has been key in ensuring the best experience, as working and speaking in another language can be difficult, but all the lawyers and interns have encouraged me to produce high quality work and produce my linguistic skills.

If you are looking to gain relevant experience in an international firm or are considering a career in law, I would highly recommend interning at Mariscal Abogados. Everyone at the firm aids the experiences with their willingness to help, answer questions, as well as give constructive feedback to allow you to obtain the most out of your internship. I have enjoyed working in such an international environment and my translation skills and legal knowledge have significantly improved.

Flora Elise Hawthorn
Plymouth University (England)