Fiona Kan, September – December 2020

Fiona Kan - Remote Legal Internship
Fiona Kan

As a Spanish and Business student considering a career in law, I chose to apply to Mariscal Abogados to gain an insight into working for an international law firm, and the experience was exceptional.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, my experience with the firm took place virtually. However, this did not limit the experience whatsoever. During my 3 months with the firm, I was given the opportunity to carry out a wide range of different tasks such as completing translations, reviewing legal documents, and designing infographics and social media posts (you will not be filing all day every day, so expect to be challenged!)

During my internship, I worked with lawyers specialising in different areas of law -business, taxation, real estate, energy, etc.- The team was extremely supportive and was always there to answer any questions no matter how trivial they seemed. Their excellent work ethic and diligence were evident to me, even though I have not met any of the team in person.

Thank you to everyone at Mariscal Abogados for giving me the opportunity to work with you. The experience has completely exceeded my expectations despite working from home, and I would highly recommend it to any students seeking opportunities in the legal field.

Fiona Kan
University of Nottingham