Energy Law covers the regulations applicable to the production, distribution and development of energy resources. Renewable energies, as clean and almost inexhaustible resources, have gained great importance in Spain in recent years.

new business models energy sector

Promotion of new business models in the energy sector in Spain

The Royal Decree-law 23/2020 regulates new business models for participating in the electricity system in Spain so far not sufficiently ruled: storage, hybridization, aggregation, and renewable energy communities.

energy reform Spain

Promotion of the energy reform in Spain: the Royal Decree-law 23/2020

Royal Decree-Law 23/2020 approves energy measures for economic recovery after the COVID-19 crisis and represents a boost for renewable energies (RES-E) and the energy transition in Spain.

Preliminary steps to build a solar plant

What are the steps to follow to build a solar plant in Spain

Solar plants in Spain require many legal requisites, including securing the land rights where they will be located, requesting access points and connection to the electricity grid and depositing guarantees.

The Development Phase of a Photovoltaic Project in Spain

The Development Phase of a Photovoltaic Project in Spain

Photovoltaic projects in Spain require a pre-construction phase. Phase I consists of the provision of “development services” based on obtaining the necessary permits, licenses and authorisations to initiate the execution of the plant.

instalaciones solares

Procedures required for photovoltaic solar installations in Spain

The approval of the installation of a photovoltaic solar park in Spain involves a series of administrative and technical procedures. We analyse the most relevant steps to follow to carry out the project with success.

energía renovable

Renewable energy: The contract for the transfer of surface rights

The installation of photovoltaic power stations (solar parks) or wind energy farms requires the formalisation of a contractual relationship between the developer and the owner of the designated land. Through its advantages, the contract for the transfer of surface rights has acquired great prominence over sale or rental contracts.

Sun Tax on Photovoltaic systems in Spain

The new law regarding the taxation of photovoltaic systems in Spain requires that households operating this technology pay grid fees in addition to a ´sun tax´. Furthermore, it regulates the selling of electricity from private households. The fines for not complying with the restrictions can reach a height of €60 million. However, installations smaller than 10kW and specific locations are exempt from this law.

Compulsory energy audits for large companies in Spain

By November 2016, large companies that, for at least two consecutive years, fulfil specific conditions (those that employ at least 250 people, and those that, without meeting the previous requirement, have a turnover of more than 50 million euros and a general balance exceeding 43 million euros) must undergo their first energy audit.

Appeal against the reduction of feed-in tariffs in Spain

Foreign investors are following three appeals against the reduction of feed-in tariffs in Spain: the transition before the national courts, the transition to Court of Justice or the assertion of claims under the so-called Energy Charter Treaty. The Spanish economic crisis has meant that, due to the budget deficit, allowances were completely deleted. This led to the existential threat for many companies.