Eleonora Alberta Creti Zauberman, July – August 2015

Eleanora Creti | Mariscal & Abogados

Eleanora Creti

Unfortunately my summer internship at the law firm Mariscal & Abogados has come to an end; an amazing experience from July to August 2015. Awaiting me is my final year of European Legal Studies at the University of Westminster in London, United Kingdom. I have spent two years studying in London and the past year, as part of my compulsory Erasmus year abroad, in Paris. The challenges I encountered while studying and living in Paris made me eager to learn more about the Spanish legal system, improve my fluency in Spanish, and broaden my legal and idiomatical knowledge.

On a whole, this experience gave me numerous benefits: the widening of my legal awareness and of my Spanish colloquial and written skills, enriching my CV and potentially positively affecting my future legal career in the international legal framework.

Mariscal & Abogados’ international vocation and establishment of law firms in the world’s main cities, brings it multilingual counsellors as well as global knowledge of foreign jurisprudences. The internationality of the firm is displayed by the variety of clients and matters handled with extreme professionalism and efficiency. The majority of the lawyers at the firm are fluent in a number of languages and try to involve the interns regarding a diversity of matters, making the work extremely interesting and committing. The tasks I was given ranged on diverse legal topics, all of which boosted my understanding and comprehension of the Spanish legal system. If you were to encounter issues or misunderstandings, lawyers of the firm would help you out and possibly give you advice. I much appreciated the independence we were given in completing tasks as it encouraged initiative, deep interest and hard work on the legal and idiomatical façade.  Working on a daily basis with lawyers gave me an in-depth grasp of a lawyer’s duties, tasks and astute ability to tackle issues.

On a whole, this was an amazing experience I would surely recommend. Aside from living in a vibrant and fascinating city, this experience has highlighted my deep interest in international law and further animated my determination in achieving a successful legal career!

Eleonora Alberta Creti Zauberman
University of Westminster, London, England