Dylan Majsiak, June – August 2018

Dylan Majsiak | Mariscal & Abogados
Dylan Majsiak

I spent 3 months interning at Mariscal Abogados from June to August, and I am currently entering my third year at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island where I double concentrate in English Literature and Latin America and the Caribbean Studies. I was fortunate enough to receive the LINK Summer Internship Award from my university which provided me with the funding to pursue an internship abroad. With plans to attend law school, I looked at a summer with Mariscal Abogados as a means of exploring international law and various legal systems in a multi-lingual environment.

What I valued most about my time at Mariscal Abogados was the versatility and importance of the work assigned. Though I was assigned a mentor, I frequently found myself working with a number of attorneys in the office, which exposed me to the very specifics of corporate, litigation/arbitration, labor, tax, and even immigration law. Within these camps, I frequently translated between Spanish and English– with the documents ranging widely from articles for the firm’s website to even company contracts.

Some topics which had interested me include having been able to complete a due diligence report for a company, working with franchises, and completing legal research as it related to individual cases (such as analysing Spanish Legal Code or even more broad international legislation when there were jurisdiction concerns). At one point, I even had the opportunity to contribute to an article the firm completed on drone usage in Spain.

I would recommend interning with Mariscal Abogados to anyone who wants a more personal exposure to international law. I was completing work that mattered while simultaneously meeting warm, driven people from all corners of the globe. I now have a stronger command of legal jargon in both English and Spanish and am leaving with having had a former interest in law converted into a passion.

Dylan Majsiak
Brown University USA