Diego Terán, September 2019 – January 2020

Diego Terán | Mariscal & Abogados
Diego Terán

Although my time at Mariscal Abogados has come to an end, I spent four valuable months (September 2019 – January 2020) interning in their Madrid offices while getting my master’s at ICADE. As an American law student (American University – Washington College of Law) with an interest in international business law, this was a great firm to gain the skills to help further me in my legal career.

This firm helped in my development as a lawyer because of its small-to-midsize environment and multiple works dealing with labour, corporate, and digital matters. All of the partners, associates, and interns interacted with each other on a daily basis in order to get tasks completed for international clients. Congruently, this translated to a large amount of responsibility in multiple areas of law and allowed me to get involved in work in other fields I may have not been interested in prior to the internship, e.g., data privacy/protection for consumers. In addition, the firm has an open-door policy that allowed me to learn a lot from the firm’s associates as well as the other interns I had the privilege of interning with.

Moreover, if you are looking to sharpen your legal language skills, not in your native tongue, this is a great place to do so. The majority of the lawyers knew a minimum of two languages with some knowing up to four and using them daily. Translating and assisting in contract drafting between Spanish and English helped my own legal knowledge and made me confident in the multi-language work I hope to be doing in my career.

In addition to the fruitful work experience I gained, this firm also has an inviting atmosphere that makes anyone feel welcome. From my fellow international interns that I sat next to daily all the way up to the partners, who checked in on me and the work I was doing; this internship made me feel like a valuable member of the team even for the short period I was there.

To all the members of Mariscal Abogados, thank you. And to anyone considering Mariscal Abogados, do it.

Diego Terán
American University – Washington College of Law (USA – Washington, D.C.)
Comillas – ICADE (Madrid, Spain)