Anjy Alli, February 2020 – June 2020

Anjy Alli | Mariscal & Abogados
Anjy Alli

I really enjoyed my experience with Mariscal Abogados. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about myself, the corporate world, and the Spanish legal system. The firm had a warm and welcoming environment that made me feel comfortable when I arrived. Colleagues were always happy to help and clarify any queries or questions I had. My internship lasted from February to June and was carried out both virtually and in person. The firm’s adaptability to the COVID-19 pandemic meant that I could continue to carry out my internship effectively in the same way from home.

Generally, I was given the opportunity to carry out various translations, read up and edit drafts, and carry out research for articles.

The internship was an enriching opportunity to push me outside of my comfort zone while developing my Spanish skills in a great environment. I would definitely recommend it.

Anjy Alli
University of Warwick, United Kingdom