Amy Lewis, June – August 2019

Amy Lewis | Mariscal & Abogados
Amy Lewis

I took part in a three-month internship at Mariscal Abogados before beginning my final year at the University of Exeter. Mariscal Abogados enabled me to gain knowledge of the Spanish legal system through writing and translating articles, researching relevant jurisprudences and participating in cases, as well as.

Despite pursuing a history degree and having limited legal knowledge, Mariscal Abogados still provided me with responsibility and work related to legal cases. Thus, allowing me to develop my skills in the legal field and knowledge of the different legal systems. Thankfully, the lawyers at the firm were very considerate and approachable, and more than willing to answer any questions or doubts I had on the tasks assigned.

Similarly, a positive aspect about the firm, was its international environment. Having grown up within a similar environment at school, I enjoyed the diversity of the other interns, as well as the lawyers. This provided me a chance to learn about the similarities and differences between the legal systems in different countries.

Overall, the time I have spent at Mariscal Abogados has been a great learning opportunity, developing and adapting my skills in a work environment. I would recommend interning at the firm for those who are considering a career in law or at an international firm.

Amy Lewis
University of Exeter