Spanish Residence Visas for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Today, we anticipate that the Spanish Government will announce the draft bill of the Entrepreneurs Law, which will include, among other issues, some measures to attract investors and entrepreneurs to Spain. The bill will allow non-EU residents to obtain a residence permit in Spain. The visa will probably be valid for five years and renewable after that. The law also contains other initiatives that will help Spanish investors and those who are already working in Spain to continue their work and innovation (

It is not clear whether or not there will be a path to dual citizenship or a Spanish passport however we do anticipate that those who take advantage will have the freedom to travel throughout the EU and Schengen area. This new project has been called the Spanish version of Portugal´s Golden Passport (

It is expected that the Ley de Emprendedores will aid those who wish to bring innovative business and new employment opportunities to Spain. The government hopes that by allowing non-EU citizens to have dual residency in Spain they can attract foreign talent and innovation to the market.

The opportunities for Spanish residency permit visas extend to the housing market as well. The law will not only allow investors to live in Spain but also those foreigners who wish to buy a home. The housing market is ripe for new home buyers and foreigners who purchase a home can automatically get a residence permit.

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Amanda Osorio

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