Reform of the land transport management in Spain

This Reform of land transport management in Spain aims to improve competition and business efficiency in the transportation sector and achieve optimization of road-passenger transport utilities. Within this article you will find a summary of the Reform.

Owing to this Reform, it will be possible to carry out all types of transportation-related activities with one instance of authorization. Companies may make all arrangements via the Internet, thus reducing administrative burdens, costs, and processing times of applications.

The Reform also extends arbitration powers to help resolve conflicts.

Furthermore, the Reform increases the amount of mandatory data that companies must register. Reform details include guidance on which information should be public versus private to improve transparency in management.

To prevent intrusion into the transportation sector, the Reform reinforces the principle that only the holder is authorized to hire and charge for transportation.

The Reform also provides a new penalty regulation system to improve legal certainty for companies, especially those engaged in international transport.

These measures will affect freight as well as charter-passenger transport because the new law requires the registration of contracts in the Registry for Public Service Management of all regular passenger transport.

Regarding inspections and sanctions, the regions of Spain have the authority to inspect and punish road and cable transport services. Notwithstanding the above remarks, the Administration may, at any time and regardless of any delegation that has been carried out, conduct inspections deemed necessary.

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