Obligatory legal information for a web page in Spain

Obligatory legal web information must offer, in a permanent, visible and accessible space, the relevant information about itself: its name and surname, its corporate name and its tax identification number.

When a web page belongs to a company or a professional who requires administrative authorization or inscription to carry out its required activity, the webpage must display the information of the authorization or registration. In the same way, if a company must comply with a code of conduct or a seal of quality, this information must be featured in the legal notice.

Depending on the type of web page or the service that it offers, it is also necessary to inform users of the general terms and conditions:

  • Essential features of the good or service.
  • The costs of delivery and transport, where appropriate.
  • The offer validity period and its price, and if relevant, the offer exemption from the right of withdrawal in the examples provided for by law.
  • The minimum duration of the contract.
  • Circumstances and conditions in which the business owner can provide a good or service of equivalent quality and price as a substitute for what the consumer has requested.
  • The form of payment and delivery or implementation arrangements.
  • Where appropriate, indication of whether the business owner has arranged or adheres to some extrajudicial procedure as to the resolution of conflicts.
  • The workplace address)
  • Relevant information about the technical support and other post sale services, such as existing warranties.
  • Conditions for the termination of the contract.

Information about cookies

When a web page uses cookies or other devices which store and collect data on the computer of a user, it is necessary to inform the user and to obtain the user’s consent prior to installation of the cookies or other devices.

When cookies are necessary for navigation or the provision of the service that a user requested, it is only necessary to inform the user, but not obtain the user’s consent.

Online contracts

When a web page allows the sale of products or the contracting of services, Spanish Law 34/2002 of Information society services and electronic commerce establishes a series of obligations.

We would like to highlight the following:

The delivery time

The maximum delivery time is 30 days from the placement of the order. If the said period cannot be achieved due to a lack of availability of the requested product, the consumer must be informed and offered a refund of the sum that the consumer paid within a maximum of 30 days. If this period is not respected, the consumer can demand to be refund double the amount payedt, as well as be awarded damages.

Repayment time

The so called right of withdrawal grants a buyer 7 working days from the acceptance of a product to return it without a specific reason, except for certain products such as perishable items, song files, etc.

Damaged or defective products

Both the repair, as well as the replacement of damaged or defective products must be free. Additionally, for 6 months after the purchase of the product, the seller is liable for any lack of conformity which motivates the repair.

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