Process to obtain the Long-Term Residence Permit in Spain

Articles 45.5 and 148 of the Royal Decree 557/2011 of April 20 establish the process for obtaining a Long-Term Spanish Residence Permit as a foreign national. After maintaining a valid temporary residence permit for five years, an interested foreign national can opt for a long-term Spanish residence permit. The long-term Spanish residence permit allows a foreign national to work and reside in Spain in the same conditions as Spanish citizens as long as the foreign national complies with all requirements.

In any case, a temporary Spanish residence permit or long-term Spanish residence permit eventually allows a foreign national to apply for and attain Spanish citizenship. To apply for naturalization, the foreign national must complete the Spanish citizenship application and file it with the appropriate authorities.

If a foreign national with a residence permit like the long-term Spanish residence permit chooses not to obtain Spanish citizenship, he or she will retain his or her original nationality.

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