Consequences and repercussions of criminal liability of companies in Spain

With the Penal Code reform in Spain, in the event a company is declared criminally responsible, direct consequences include the following:

  • Imposition of a criminal penalty, not only pecuniary, but also dissolution or temporary suspension of the company activity
  • Temporary closure of establishments
  • Prohibition on carrying out certain activities within the framework of its corporate purpose
  • Disqualification from receiving subsidies, public aid and judicial intervention

There are other consequences that might also be serious and harmful for companies:

  • Negative impact on customers and suppliers
  • Difficulties in obtaining loans/credit from financial institutions
  • In the case of listed companies, consequences on the price of the shares
  • Social and corporate smear in the media

The Penal Code reform will enter into force in Spain on 1 July 2015. Companies are recommended to draw up an adequate organisation and management plan to prevent crimes and stay free from criminal responsibility in the future.

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