Company law and corporate governance refer to the appropriate company management and control structures as well as the rules which regulate the power relation between owner, administration board, etc. Its function is to protect the interests of the company and its shareholders and to eliminate, mitigate or resolve any conflict.

Legal requirements and benefits of the Spanish patent box

The Spanish patent box is not a Spanish company form, but a privileged form of investment for Spanish companies. Its purpose is tax savings for intellectual property income. Thus, the attractiveness of the business location in Spain and its internationalization is promoted. The legal basis is Article 23 of the Corporate Income Tax Law. The usual corporate forms include the Limited Liability Company and the Public Limited Company.


Shelf Companies in Spain

In Spain, shelf companies are, in practice, often used to circumvent the lengthy formalities of incorporation. Saving time and less risk are their biggest advantages. On activation of a shelf company, all the shares must be purchased and its bylaws must be amended and adjusted to align with the company’s business purpose. The final step is the publication of the economic re-establishment at the Spanish Registry Court.