59 2022 Confirmatory, penal and penitential deposits

Confirmatory, penal and penitential deposits, what is best for me?

In Spain, it is usual to sign an earnest money contract or “contrato de arras” as part of any real estate transaction. The figure of the arras or depostis, confirmatory, penal and penitential give legal security to the deal and reflect different levels of commitment.

26 2022 The operation of holiday tourist rentals in Spain

Limitations and prohibitions on the operation of holiday tourist rentals in Spain

The operation of holiday tourist rentals in Spain requires careful consideration of the existing restrictions. Public authorities, especially the Autonomous Communities and Town councils, and the communities of owners can impose obligations, limitations and prohibitions on these activities.

06 2023 The sale of shares in Spain

Legal obligations for the sale of company shares in Spain

Selling shares is a common way to obtain liquidity and restructure a company’s shareholding in Spain. However, it is crucial to consider certain legal aspects before proceeding with the transaction to avoid any potential issues in the future.

26 2023 Legal Location of debtors

Uncovering the Whereabouts of Debtors in Spain: Essential Factors to Consider

When debtors have vanished without a trace, it is imperative to adhere to legal protocols to ascertain their whereabouts. Within this article, we present a comprehensive guide to lawfully discovering the location of a debtor.

03 2023 Collective bargaining agreements Spain

Why are collective bargaining agreements crucial in Spain?

Collective bargaining agreements have a crucial impact on governing the relationship between companies and their employees. Therefore, companies operating in Spain must have a comprehensive understanding of the collective agreement applicable to their company and adhere to it, avoiding potential conflicts and ensuring compliance with labour obligations.

22 2023 Jurisdiction over agency contracts

International jurisdiction over agency contracts

The termination of the agency contract by the entrepreneur typically results in the agent’s entitlement to compensation, which, in the absence of an agreement, the agent will seek through legal proceedings. Drawing from our expertise as lawyers specializing in cases involving foreign companies, we present below the fundamental criteria for ascertaining whether this claim can be pursued before the Spanish courts.

62 2022 Illegal transfer workers

Illegal Transfer of Workers in Spain: Know the Risks?

The transfer of workers is prohibited in Spain; temporary employment agencies (TEAs or ETTs in Spain) are the only entities authorized to hire temporary staff and place them at the disposal of another company. Companies must comply with this regulation, as the legal and economic consequences of committing irregularities in this matter can be drastic.

02 2023 The Workers' Statute in Spain

What is the Workers’ Statute?

The Workers’ Statute is the legislation that aims to protect the worker’s labour rights, establishes rules for collective bargaining, and defines the responsibilities of employers and employees in Spain.

30 2022 Legal regime for foreign investment in Spain

Legal regime for foreign investment in Spain

Investments by foreign investors in Spain generally require compliance with some administrative requirements and, in some cases, prior authorisation.

56 2022 Alternatives to energy commercialisation in Spain

Alternatives to energy commercialisation in Spain

In Spain, the trading status is necessary to sell or resell energy on the market, a lucrative activity, although burdensome in practice for some market players. Collective self-consumption, and the approach of a specific contractual structure, stand out as alternatives to energy commercialisation.