Electronic signature in the labor field

Can companies use an electronic signature in the labor field?

Community regulation and, by transposition, Spanish regulation, allow companies to use qualified electronic signatures as a fully effective and legally valid instrument for signing contracts and other employment documents.

instalaciones solares

Procedures required for photovoltaic solar installations in Spain

The approval of the installation of a photovoltaic solar park in Spain involves a series of administrative and technical procedures. We analyse the most relevant steps to follow to carry out the project with success.


What is the special tax on real estate of non-resident companies?

Non-resident companies that own real estate in Spain are subject to the non-resident income tax by means of a special tax payable on 31 December of each year and which must be paid in January of the following year.

Provisions on working hours and public holidays

Labour Law in Spain: provisions on working hours and public holidays

Companies that carry out business in Spain must comply with the applicable labour standards on working hours and public holidays. This includes compliance with minimum rest and maximum working hours as well as annual leave and public holiday regulations.

Representations and warranties insurance

Advantages and disadvantages of representations and warranties insurance

The contracting of representations and warranties insurance is an option that has been increasing during the last years in the framework of M&A operations. This is due to the great advantages it offers for both parties, although there are also some drawbacks that need to be kept in mind.

energía renovable

Renewable energy: The contract for the transfer of surface rights

The installation of photovoltaic power stations (solar parks) or wind energy farms requires the formalisation of a contractual relationship between the developer and the owner of the designated land. Through its advantages, the contract for the transfer of surface rights has acquired great prominence over sale or rental contracts.


Unsuccessful enforcement by the creditor as a basis for the necessary bankruptcy application

Unsuccessful enforcement by the creditor implies the existence of a title by which enforcement has been effected, without sequestration resulting in sufficient unencumbered assets for the payment of the outstanding credit.

The double salary scale

The double salary scale in the company for new incorporations

Companies will have the possibility to establish a double salary scale based on the date of incorporation of the employees, as long as they respect the provisions of the applicable law and collective agreements.

seguro y garantías sociedades

Representations and warranties insurance in the purchase and sale of companies in Spain

The use of representation and warranties insurance (R&W) is becoming more and more frequent in Spain in the field of the purchase and sale of companies. The premiums increase, costs reduction or process simplification are some of the reasons for their growth.

Abandoned villages in Spain

Why invest in abandoned villages in Spain?

Improvements to the availability of universal basic services and the reduction of the “digital divide” are key reasons for the increasing interest in rural areas in Spain. Solving the challenges presented by depopulation, ageing and the relocation of the younger generations from rural areas will improve investment opportunities.