Franchise Lawyers in Spain

Mariscal Abogados is aware of the importance and expansion of the franchise system in the current economy. As a result we have a practice area that is dedicated solely and exclusively to legal advice relating to franchise contracts, led by expert professionals in this legal area. Below are some of the ways in which we help our clients interested in franchises.

    • Advice on the issues to bear in mind in order to carry out a franchise project, including the preparation and review of the pre-contractual information required from the franchisee.
    • Preparation of the necessary documents to register the franchise at Franchisors’ Registry
    • Advice to the franchisee in order to evaluate the benefits of a franchise agreement as well as the fundamental points to be taken into account in order to protect his/her activity
    • Negotiation, preparation and drafting of franchise contracts, with a view to protecting our clients’ interests
    • Post agreement/establishment advices, including the best strategy to adopt before possible breaches or problems for franchisee and/or franchisor
    • Assistance in the resolution of any disputewhich may arise
    • Tax and labour or employment issues which must be considered throughout the establishment and implementation of the contract