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Dissolution of a Limited Liability Company in Spain

Of the various probable instances for the dissolution of an L.L.C. in Spain, some are based on economic reasons (accumulation of losses, capital reduction below a legal threshold, etc.) and others may be due to the behaviour of its partners (paralysis of the company, agreement on the dissolution, etc.).

Counting Leave in Spain and France

The counting of paid leave days is not always clear, as demonstrated by the recent decision of the Court of Appeals regarding a dispute between Air France and one of its part-time employees. It is therefore important for employers to remain aware of the regulations on paid leave at all times.

Definition and Concept of Compliance

With the reform of the Spanish Penal Code, a company is liable for offenses committed by itself or by its employees acting on its behalf, if it cannot demonstrate that it has put in place the necessary means to prevent such criminal behaviour.