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Sanctions in Spain for Unsolicited Electronic Commercial Communications

Law 34/2002 incorporates into Spanish law Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and the Council on certain aspects of the services of the information society, in particular in regards to electronic commerce. It regulates injunctions for the protection of consumer interests, as well as the actions and sanctions against behaviors contravening provisions of the Law.

Spain combats Money Laundering

The fight against money laundering focuses on eliminating the laundering of funds or assets obtained through illegal activities. Not only are credit institutions and investment service companies obliged to comply with national and international legislation, but so are notaries, lawyers, and prosecutors.

Protecting trade marks in Spain

A trade mark is a distinctive sign indicating products and services. Registration confers an exploitation monopoly to the depositor who can prohibit use of his or her distinctive sign by any third party. To protect his or her brand is essential; it prevents a third party from taking advantage of efforts invested in the product or service. In Spain, rights in trademarks are acquired with registration. A trademark is protected for ten years and is renewable infinitely.