Entries by José María Mesa

Out-of-Court Restructuring in Spain

In 2014, the Spanish government implemented the out-of-court restructuring procedure through the Royal Decree Law. Its objective is to help debtors avoid bankruptcy by negotiating with their creditors. Given the time and effort it takes, an out-of-court restructuring can be very favourable to both parties.

The new 2015 Spanish Corporate Governance Code for listed companies

The new Spanish Corporate Governance Code for listed companies aims to improve the corporate governance framework. This improvement can be done by boosting competitiveness and building transparency. In practice, one of the main principles presented by the Code is the “comply or explain” principle which distinguishes between binding rules and recommendations.

Dissolution and winding-up of a company in Spain

Through this article, our ambition is to briefly describe the process of the dissolution and winding-up described in the Spanish Companies Act as a mechanism to put an end to the activity of a company in Spain, but also to clarify the main difference with the process of winding-up in the case of bankruptcy.