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Master franchise agreements in Spain: the trust by selectivity

The Master Franchise agreement is an exclusivity contract of a British/American franchise abroad. Structured by a double legal relationship between the headquarters, the master franchisee and the local franchisee, the contract allows the extension of a business model and the spirit of a British/American franchise abroad legally and economically.

Direct franchising in Spain: Security by proximity

Direct franchising permits British/American Franchisors to develop business models in Spain quickly and simply. As it offers the opportunity to freely choose commercial partners and the establishment areas of a business model, having recourse to a direct franchise agreement is a real token of quality and control when it comes to exporting a franchise business model to Spain.

Franchise exportation strategy to the Spanish market

The exportation strategy of a franchise to Spain is mostly based on a combination of three economical and legal factors: to lean on an innovative and profitable model, the roll out of a stable but flexible structure and the adaptation of the model to the specific needs of the targeted market by a good understanding of that market.