The Technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) law handles the full spectrum of IT and telecoms-related issues and involves advising and drafting agreements, licensing and advertising, data protection and privacy laws, e-commerce issues and fraud prevention.

Intellectual Property Regulation in Spain

In Spain, intellectual property is governed by Royal Decree 1/1996 of 12 April, approving the Consolidated Copyright Act. In addition, for intellectual property issues, it should be noted that Spain is a part of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. Members are subject to copyright of all original literary, artistic, […]

How to protect your inventions in Spain

Inventions can be protected by the Spanish legal system through the following legal instruments that grant holders exclusive rights to patents, utility models, and industrial designs. The patents seek to encourage investment in R+D and technological progress in a country. The State grants exclusive rights to an invention for a specified period, generally 20 years, […]

How to Register your Trademark in Spain

Trademarks are distinctive signs whose primary function is to distinguish and identify products or services released by an entrepreneur into a market from products and services offered by its competitors. It also plays an important role in advertising and the creation of a reputation. Distinctive signs, especially trademarks, are an effective and necessary tool for […]

Industrial property in Spain

Industrial property is set to be one of the most important assets to a company. It is therefore vital before entering into a new market, to ensure its proper protection. In Spain, with rare exceptions, the principal registry governs these types of assets, which has come to mean that there is no right to an […]

New Types of VAT in Spain

By Royal Decree-Law 20/2012, of the 13th of July, on measures to guarantee fiscal stability and to promote competitiveness, the rates for the Value Added Tax (VAT) were amended in Spain. We summarize briefly the implications of this modification. New types of VAT Type Current % % From 01.09.2012 Standard 18% 21% Reduced 8% 10% Super […]

LOPD in Spain for Software and Data Protection

The principal function of many of the software programs used in the day to day management of most businesses involves the storage and processing of personal data. In this sense, software and data protection are two concepts that are inextricably linked. This inevitable connection between the software programs and data protection is reflected in Development […]