Collective agreements in Spain

Collective agreements are agreements between unions and employers that establish wages, work schedule and other work conditions. Additionally, these agreements allow the adjustment of the rules of the company’s business sector.

New form to exercise the right to be forgotten in Google

On May 13, 2014, the European Court of Justice held that search engines on the Internet are responsible to protect the personal information of users on the web. As a result of the judgment, the search engine Google now provides a form by which users are able to demand the deletion of links to outdated or inappropriate information pertaining to their private life.

Concept and purposes of the due diligence in Spain

The due diligence refers to an investigation procedure prior to acquiring or investing in a project. The aim of the due diligence is to give the investor or buyer a full knowledge of all the costs, benefits and risks involved in the transaction, so that he can take a reflexive decision.

time is money

The monitorio procedure in Spain: A fast way to recover debts in Spain

The main objective of the monitorio proceeding is the quick resolution of recovery claims. It has proven to be very useful for both entrepreuneurs and smes in the collection of commercial debts in Spain.

M&A in Spain: Management and control of economic concentration

The management of economic concentration requires a due diligence report. After this, the acquirer prepares a binding offer to the target company which lays down the basics of the concentration contract. The national control of economic concentration aims to obtain the necessary authorisation of the transaction. It achieves this through notification duty, and then a two stage procedural phase.