The exclusivity clause in agency contracts in Spain

The Law on Agency Contracts in Spain does not expressly regulates the pact or exclusivity clause between businessmen and agents. It is therefore of vital importance that the parties negotiate this clause adequately to avoid future problems.


The Franchisor registration is no longer required in Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Industry and Competitiveness has suspended the Franchisor Registraty in Spain and thus, the obligation for all franchisors to register. This Registry was used as an information mechanism to keep track of the existence of franchises and their development in Spain.


Corporate Codes of Conduct under judicial control in Spain

The degree of control that companies can exercise through the codes of conduct is limited. The activities of the workers as teachers or lecturers, or their statements in media or social networks, are left out of the codes of conduct.


GDPR Checklist

The breach of the new regulation can give rise to sanctions of up to 20 million euros or 4% of the total global business volume of a company. It would also mean a serious reputational damage for the company.

de facto

The representative of body corporate director cannot be a de facto director

A director is any natural or legal person, who, directly or through representation, exercises the management or administration functions of a company.

corporate bodies

How to prevent the paralysis of corporate bodies in Spain

The dissolution of capital companies based on the paralysis of corporate bodies is a question to be answered on a case-by-case basis, since the legal requirement to apply this measure is different according to the state in which the body finds itself.


Duties and functions of members of the Board of Directors in capital companies

Within the Board of Administration of the capital companies exist distinct responsibilities to which are attributed a series of particular functions. Regarding the distribution of positions within a Board of Directors, it is important to have clear distributions to the President, the Secretary and the rest of the members of the Board of Directors (members).


Preliminary Draft of the Corporate Confidentiality Act in Spain

The new legislation extends the protection of the business secrets to the so-called “infringing goods”. This refers to those products and services whose design, characteristics, functioning, production process or marketing significantly benefit from business secrets unlawfully disclosed, exploited or acquired.


Article 348 bis, on a business partner’s right of separation

Article 348 bis of the LSC recognizes the right of separation of the partner due to lack of distribution of dividends. The article, among others, resolves the concrete case of a stockholder who expects to leave the company and who has not indicated so explicitly in the committee.

10 key things in order to comply with GDPR

10 key things in order to comply with GDPR