International Contracts: Examining and Claiming Defective Products

This article will provide a practical analysis regarding the possibilities to claim defects in goods acquired through international sales contracts. Before developing these issues, first is an examination of the legal mechanisms applicable to international sales and to the issues at hand. Contracts are governed by the provisions of the parties; however, where the parties […]

Labour Reform in Spain through Royal Decree-Law 10/2010

On June 16, the Government of Spain passed Royal Decree-Law 10/2010, with urgent measures for reforming the labour market. This is a reform that has been developing over last three years, and where social agents, companies, and unions have not been able to reach any agreement. In light of this lack of accord, as well […]

Inversión internacional en españa

Prevention and resolution of disputes in international trade

We are currently in an economic stage of globalization and the internationalization of trade relations. Within this period, the increasing complexity of transactions and the current economic crisis are contributing factors to a greater proliferation of international commercial disputes. At the same time, the presence of international organizations has increased and been legitimized by the […]

contrato de trabajo en españa

Seizure or attachment of assets in Spain

Asset seizure, or attachment, is a process that enables creditors to collect from delinquent debtors by looking to their assets, including property, goods, and/or earnings. There are two principal types of attachment: attachment in aid of execution and preventive (or precautionary or future) attachment. The first occurs when a judgment declaring pecuniary debt has already […]

Hollographic Wills under Spanish Law

There are two categories of wills under Spanish law: common and special. Special wills are military, maritime, and ones executed in a foreign country, while common wills are open, closed, or holographic. This last type is the basis for this article, yet before expounding on it, a brief sketch of the other two types of common […]


Types of trade agreements in Spain

Trade agreements in general In Spain, like in many other countries of the European Union, the party autonomy, which ensures the contractual freedom of the parties is one of the most basic principles in respect to trade agreements. Aside of this principle exist several other mandatory legislations, which can not be modified by the contractual […]

How to acquire Real Estate in Liechtenstein

Introduction Eurojuris International is the leading network of law firms in Europe, covering 650 different cities/locations in 17 countries. Each country has a national Eurojuris association which selects as members medium-sized independent law firms well established in their country and which, satisfy the Eurojuris selection criteria. The objective is to provide to companies, corporation, public […]

How to acquire Real Estate in the United States

You can also see: How to acquire a real estate in Italy, England, Spain, Liechtenstein and Austria. The purchase and/or leasing of real property in the United States is governed by the laws, customs and practices of the state in which the real property is located and sometimes by local laws of the municipality or […]

How to acquire Real Estate in England

You can also see: How to acquire a real estate in Italy, United States, Spain, Liechtenstein and Austria. Terminology for new buyers Exchange of contracts This is the point in the transaction when you become legally bound to purchase the property and the Seller becomes legally bound to sell to you. You will probably have […]


How to acquire Real Estate in Italy

You can also see: How to acquire a real estate in England, United States, Spain, Liechtenstein and Austria. The following guidelines come from our own experience and are ONLY guidelines, not legal advice, so for legal questions please refer to us in proper way explaining specific circumstances. Another NOTE: PLEASE do not be ‘scared’ by […]