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The LOPD and money laundering in Spain

This article tries to reflect on the relations between two legislations that in principle have nothing in common, but that are called upon to relate to each other, thus it decides the legislator, which is essential for the good functioning of the business of the obligated parties.

Applicable Law to mobile applications in Spain

The possibility of spying on mobile devices has demonstrated the need for Spanish companies to search for legal means of protecting themselves against possible complaints by clients concerning potential loss or theft of information. The different types of mobile applications – online or offline, invasive or non-invasive – determine the rules that are to be followed.

Data Protection and the Risk Information Centre in Spain

Knowing of the existence and operations of the Risk Information Centre of the Central Bank of Spain (CIRBE) is essential in understanding our rights and obligations related to certain financial information and in order to differentiate between patrimonial and credit solvency, commonly referred to as “defaulter files”, which are regulated by Art.

The Value of E-mail as Evidence in Spain

Electronic mail has become an indispensable tool in Spain for the exchange of information in our daily lives, both personally and professionally. It is expected to gain legal significance as the Civil Procedure already recognizes its validity of electronic evidence at trial in Spain.