Ana Gómez participates at the ELA’s International Committee

Ana Gómez and more - ELA's International CommitteeOn Tuesday 24th September 2019, Ana Gómez, responsible for Labour law at Mariscal & Abogados, participated at the Sixth Transatlantic Conference supported by the ELA’s International Committee. ELA is an association integrated by more than 6,000 qualified employment lawyers in the U.K.

In collaboration with the ABA International Labour & Employment Law Committee of the Section of Labor & Employment Law, the ELA’s International Committee has organized the Sixth Transatlantic conference to explore cross-border employment issues.

The scope of the one-day conference highlighted a wide range of global employment issues divided into three breakout sessions:

1. Data, privacy and employer monitoring, global trends in remuneration decisions, post-deal integration issues on global transactions
2. Whistleblowing, Global Workplace Investigations, the impact of technology on the workplace
3. Pay equity and diversity trends, the Challenges of Managing the Modern Workforce, Trade Secrets and Data IP rights, the consequences for the Work place and Employees.

Delegates attending the sessions took part of the discussion groups generated by employment lawyers and professionals from all over the world.

Ana Gómez, Head of the Labour Law Department of Mariscal & Abogados is a specialist lawyer in Labour Law and Social Security Law in Spain. Since 2017 she holds the presidency of the Labour Lawyers Association in Spain, ASNALA.

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