52 2022 Insolvency proceedings without assets

Insolvency proceedings without assets, formerly express insolvency proceedings

Creditors with at least 5% of liabilities can request a judge to appoint an insolvency administrator for a report in case of insolvency without assets. Note that the requesting creditors will cover the administrator’s fees.

Rregulation of cryptocurrencies in Spain

Regulation of Cryptocurrencies in Spain

Currently, few regulations govern the cryptocurrency sector in Spain. There is a legal vacuum, so companies working with cryptocurrencies are not subject to strict supervision or control by public institutions.

11 2022 Clauses of the business purchase agreement

Essential content in a business purchase agreement

The drafting of the business agreement is a fundamental step in the sale of businesses because it contains the elements that will define the development of the transaction and its success. Are you aware of the clauses to include?