elements lease purchase-agreement

Core elements of the lease-purchase agreement

A lease-purchase contract is a lease contract that implies the unilateral right of the tenant to buy the property for a fixed or determinable price after an agreed time. In the following infographic, we summarise its advantages and disadvantages for tenants and landlords.

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46 2022 Act 16/2022 Reform of the Insolvency Law

Act 16/2022 Reform of the Insolvency Law

Act 16/2022 on the reform of the Insolvency Law took effect on 26 September 2022, triggering significant changes to streamline insolvency proceedings in Spain. The elimination of pre-existing liquidation plans is one of the modifications.

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Do you know the hydrogen colours?

Hydrogen is a colourless gas. The international designation of hydrogen colours makes it possible to classify the different production methods according to the amount of CO2 they release.

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